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Indoor scene with oriented image surfaceskARbon
Collaborative augmented reality tools to support the organisation of Construction Work.
Using inertial sensors of mobile devices for deictic interaction in virtual rooms.
Usage of the PanoDeic prototypePanoDeic
Visually und accoustic annotated panoramic scenes for ad-hoc deictic note-taking on site.
Signed Distance Field Rendering Engine
2D rendering engine and toolchain for Android based on SDF-Tiles and OpenGL ES.
cube_openerAugmented Reality Rubiks Cube
Augmented visual guide to solve the rubiks cube.
irtracking_coverInfrared Stereotracking with Arduino
Stereotracking with two Pixart IR cameras from Nintendo Wiimotes controlled via Arduino board.
lsys_treesInteractive L-Systems
Replacement systems used for direct manipulation through operators and interaction with their environment.
boley_cutModifying a Boley mechanics lathe
Changes to a mechanics lathe from Boley. E.g. adding digital calipers to the cross slide.
AOSP Phone without Google Apps
Smartphone running AOSP (Android Open Source Project) without Google Apps/Services